Leantide 50 Capsules Leantide Blend : 80mg


The Huma Peptide Advanced Leantide is a powerful prohormone used to gain muscle/weight but also can be used to shred a little of the fat and gain muscle.

Epistane is an anabolic steroid that metabolizes into a surplus of testosterone in your body which provides androgenic benefits.

Some of the most popular benefits of this stack:

– Cutting. It is great for cutting and will help you shed excess fat that you’re holding on to. It may be as effective as some other steroids used for weight loss.
– Increases muscle hardness. It increases the hardness of muscles, providing a lot of aesthetic benefits.
– Promotes solid, dry lean muscle growth. It is one of the few hormones that can actually lead to an improvement of dry muscle growth. This means that it will bulk up your muscles without simply causing water retention. The muscle that you gain while you’re using it will actually be muscle.
– Promotes strength gain. It is known for boosting strength and muscle gain and can be fantastic for boosting your endurance during workouts.


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