Gain Plus 50 Capsules Gain Plus Proprietary Prohormone Matrix : 150mg


The Huma Peptide Advanced Gain Plus is fabricated to help reduce excess body fat and water weight bloat while helping build lean muscle mass. It is an extremely potent, anabolic, single-dose performance-enhancing supplement.

It counteracts estrogen level increase and helps in recovery from the testicular suppression

Its highly potent blend of ingredients ensures that one tablet alone surpasses the threshold level required for a truly efficacious anabolic response.

It offers anabolic activities with no androgenic side effects as it comes under the category of non-hormonal anabolic / anti-catabolic compounds.

These powerful flavones have been shown to

– Boost Testosterone Levels
– Enhance Athletic Performance
– Increase Strength & Power
– Burn Fat & Lose Weight
– Improve Lean Muscle Mass and Definition
– Promotes Protein Synthesis
– 100% Legal Prohormone Ester


We specialize in synthesizing the purest peptides, proteins, and amino acid derivatives for practical results. Humapeptide has been researching and creating top-quality peptides and proteins with 99% purity since 2009. From synthesis to packaging and delivery to outcomes, we ensure to give you what you deserve. Our labs aim for accuracy, precision, and superior standards by implementing high-performance liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry analysis techniques. To sum it up, you receive the best peptides available in the world.